Pastor’s Statement, Jan. 2020

On January 1 2020 the Traditionalist Plan went into effect in the United Methodist Church. What this means is that it is now unequivocally against the rules for same sex couples to be married in a United Methodist Church, or to be married by a United Methodist pastor. It is also against the rules for a self-avowed practicing homosexual to be an ordained elder in the church.

We do not know what this year’s General Conference will bring. We do not know how The Church plans on enforcing this. We do not know what will change in this year to come.

But we, the people of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, know who we are. We know where we stand. In November 2015 the congregation voted to join the Reconciling Ministries Network, a grassroots organization of United Methodist churches across the nation that offer their full ministry to persons of all sexual orientations and identities.”

At that time, we wrote a welcome statement which is on our home page. It is printed in every bulletin, every Sunday. We do our best to live up to it. It says that we affirm the dignity and worth of every person…that we believe that discrimination is incompatible with Christ’s Gospel.

We are all of us God’s Children. No one can change that. Nothing that anyone says or does can separate any of us from God. All are welcome, and will continue to be welcome here at St. Paul’s.

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Bette Johnson Sohm

Please view the following video with Mark Miller’s music, which says it best: