Thrift Shop

Our Mission: Together we serve the community and help protect the environment.

Located at 284 Main Street, just east of the church building, the St. Paul’s UMC Thrift Shop is a dynamic ministry that serves the community and the environment. Our post pandemic hours continue to be Tuesdays, 10 AM- 3:30 PM; Thursdays, 10AM to 1 PM; and Saturdays 12 PM- 3 PM.

A treasure trove of bargains, the Thrift Shop moves approximately 50,000 items per year from one household to another with sales of fine china, rugged tools, toys, electronics, books, artwork, jewelry, recreational and exercise equipment, lamps, very small furniture items, cooking items and other household necessities, school supplies – the list goes on.  The second-floor rooms are chock-full of clothing, footwear, and accessories of all sorts and sizes.

The Thrift Shop puts a premium on protecting the environment.  Donations are accepted 24 hours a day, and what is not sold is diligently recycled.  Seven tons of clothing per year are recycled into new items, and the volunteers triage unsold metal, plastic, and cardboard to recycling facilities.

More than 50 volunteers, about 25 of them from outside the church membership, chip in to sort items, staff the sales counter, and perform the many other large and small tasks that keep the Thrift Shop and its contents vibrant and relevant.

Did you know…? The St. Paul’s Thrift Shop is proactive in supporting the environment in a variety of ways? Read about it here.

For information about making donations, call or email the church office:

We provide quality goods at bargain prices!  Your donations will become others’ treasures! 

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