Living Our Beliefs Initiative

“The United Methodist Church believes God’s love for the world is an active and engaged love, a love seeking justice and liberty. We cannot just be observers. So we care enough about people’s lives to risk interpreting God’s love, to take a stand, to call each of us into a response, no matter how controversial or complex. The church helps us think and act out a faith perspective.”

 ~From The Book of Resolutions of the United Methodist Church

In July 2020, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church launched a lay initiative with the following Statement of Purpose: We will empower ourselves to take action to further social justice. ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO GET INVOLVED! Contact us:

The Statement implies the following:

  • We are committed to developing a fuller understanding and knowledge of relevant issues so that we can more effectively work toward social justice both locally and in society at large;
  • We are NOT powerless, and we are called to act;
  • Remedying social injustice is a an ongoing, collective team effort.

Action steps we have planned and are considering